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AGV Introduction Guidebook

This guidebook will explain and introduce the advantages of AGVs to your factory. How to use, choose and install these products. You will easily find and realize what is necessary to your smart logistics.


LOGITO is a smart logistics solution and system for the manufacturing and warehousing industries. In general, we are a machinery trading company with extensive knowledge and experience. Thus, we wish to introduce these automated warehousing, AMRs (autonomous mobile transport robots) and robot arms at low costs.

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Strength 1 - Best product offers from global network

Strength 2 - One-stop service × Total solution

We provide technical support for all production sites, reduce the burden, and make proposals that lead to problem solving, and provide one-stop support from coordination of multiple equipment to after-sales follow-up including installation. We also provide support for logistics, finance, and various risk management. We provide prompt and effective solutions in collaboration with group companies in DJK group companies and are working to create value on a global scale.

Strength 3 - Support & Needs× Global Network

DJK Group has regional headquarters in the Americas, Europe, China, Southeast Asia and India, and is promoting its global strategy under a regional segments. In addition, at each of our 34 overseas bases, we have established a sales system that can provide full support to companies doing business overseas and respond quickly to all local needs.


Unloading, inspection, depalletizing, and transportation, we will make optimal proposals for automation.
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Logistics Warehouse Automation

Manufacturing Plants Automation


Here are some examples of logistics automation solutions that have been realized by a strong teamwork of customers and LOGITO.

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"LOGITO" is provided for all over the world. We can start with online meeting, so please feel free to contact us.

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LOGITO is a logistics automation solution provided by DJK.

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